3 More Reasons Why Sleeping is Losing Weight’s Best Friend

Here are 3 more reasons why sleeping 7-8 hours each night is the best thing for your healthy and body fat percentage.

Good sleep increases athletic performance

Sleep clearly enhances one’s athletic performance. These kinds of activities are good for burning fat. The more active we are, the more calories we are able to burn at a time. Longer sleep improves mental well-being, reaction times, accuracy as well as speed

Sleep improves glucose metabolism

sleep well and lose weightSleep actually affects the metabolism of glucose as well as the type II diabetes. Restriction of sleep affects the level of blood sugar and also reduces the sensitivity of insulin. In a study, when sleep was restricted to only 4 hours every night for 6 nights, pre-diabetes symptoms were seen. Increased sleep solved this issue. People who get less than six hours of sleep each night have been shown to be at a much higher risk of type II diabetes.

So if you wanted to know how to lose weight fast, the first answer is by sleeping more.

Depression and poor sleep

There are various mental health issues like depression, which are greatly linked to poor quality of sleep as well as sleep disorders. 90% of people with depression claim that they have poor sleep quality. There are people who deal with depression by eating more and this leads to gain in weight. Dealing with all the issues and getting better sleep can prove to be really helpful to health.

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3 Reason why you must sleep well if you decide to start a weight loss program

Lack of good sleep can actually lead to weight gain. This has been tested on thousands of women who all wanted to lose weight.

How to lose weight faster by sleeping better

best time to sleep and burn caloriesThere is a very strong link between weight gain and poor sleep. The people who tend to sleep for a short duration tend to be able to gain more weight in comparison to the ones who get enough sleep. Inadequate sleep actually stands as the strongest obesity risk factors. The adults and children who have short sleep duration were more likely to develop obesity.

The effect of inadequate sleep and the gain of weight are actually affected by different factors including motivation to exercise and hormones. For anyone trying to lose some weight, it is really important to always get enough sleep at all times

Good sleepers take in fewer calories

According to studies, it is clear that the more deprived an individual is of sleep, the bigger their appetite tends to be. This means they take in more calories. Deprivation of sleep disrupts appetite fluctuations in the appetite hormones and it leads to a very poor regulation of appetite.

This includes a much higher level of ghrelin which is the appetite hormone and a reduction of the hormone leptin responsible for the appetite suppressing.

Sleeping better increases productivity and concentration

Sleep is vital for various brain function aspects. They include performance, productivity, concentration and cognition. These are all affected negatively by deprivation of sleep. There is evidence that good sleep improves the problem solving roles and also enhances the memory in adults and also children. So, if you want to lose weight fast, go ahead and sleep better!

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Good sleep and its role in weight loss

Good sleep is very important when it comes to weight loss and if you’ll think that you will lose weight fast if you sleep less, you are wrong because it is simply not true.

losing weight while sleepingIt is actually as important as exercising and healthy eating. The western environment is however working against the natural sleep patterns as we know them.

People sleep much less today than was the case in the past. Sleep quality has also declined incredibly in the current times we are living in.

Importance of good sleep for weight loss

There are some very important reasons why good sleep is essential, however if you want to lose weight there is one thing you can easily do if you want to shed some weight really fast: follow the tips inside the video below!

Now you know how to lose weight, and since sleeping is so important for weight loss, in the next articles I will teach you a few tips to sleep better and lose more weight while you sleep!

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